Brochures to download

Here you will find a lot of helpful information about University and everyday life in Poland, for example: insurance, legalisation of your stay, Polish health care, and how to spend your free time in Warsaw.

All useful information in one place!

International Staff Guide 2023/2024 (ENG PDF)

International Students’ Guide 2023/2024 (PDF)

Brochure about the UW 2022/2023 (English version, PDF)

ESN Student’s Guide 2022/2023 (PDF)

Guide for 1st year students (PDF PL)

Rules & Regulations of Study (PDF ENG)



Learn more about our Staff, and get to know who and where can help you:

Who is who (PDF ENG)

Who is who (PDF UA)

If you encounter a problem, the University is ready to help you!

Problems solving (PDF ENG)

Problems solving (PDF UA)

Stay connected as our students have free access to the Internet:

Eduroam (PDF ENG)

Eduroam (PDF UA)

Learn Polish or choose from our wide range of foreign language courses:

Languages (PDF ENG)

Languages (PDF UA)

Read about the procedures for the legalisation of your stay in Poland:

Legalisation of stay (PDF ENG)

Legalisation of stay (PDF UA)

Make yourself at home in Warsaw:

Accommodation (PDF ENG)

Accommodation (PDF UA)

Take care of your health and make sure that you have mandatory health insurance:

Health care (PDF ENG)

Health care (PDF UA)

Enjoy your leisure time, and plan your weekend activities:

Free time (PDF ENG)

Free time (PDF UA)

Anti-discrimination guidebook for students and employees of the University of Warsaw:

We are all equal (PDF)

What you can do, what is worth doing and what should be done during studies, i.e. students’ rights and obligations.

Guide to prevention of sexual harassment at the University of Warsaw (PDF)

Students Rights and Obligations by UW Students’ Union (PDF)

Find your way around UW:

Main campus map (PDF)

Ochota campus map (PDF)

Wondering how to apply for studies at the UW? Here you will find all the answers!

Admissions step by step (PDF)

All useful information about living in Poland in one place: