Family & children

Visa & health insurance

If you want to come to Poland with your family, the first thing you have to remember about is visa and health insurance.

Read more about the entry conditions here.

Immediate family members of the insured person may also benefit from free medical assistance after proper registration in NFZ.

Educational system in Poland

In Poland, children are obligated to attend school at 7 years of age (before that, they can attend pre-school education). They first go to a primary school which takes 8 years and then they will continue their education at another school for secondary education. Depending on the type of secondary education, they attend secondary school 3, 4, or 5 years approximately.

Compulsory education in Poland applies to all children between 7-18. They are required by law to attend school.

You can read more about educational system here.


There are many international schools in Warsaw, where children can study in English, German, French, and other languages.

For an overview of international schools in Warsaw, click here.

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