University accommodation

The University does not provide any certain accommodation for our employees. However, you can still apply for a place in one of the University dorms:

The applications call to rent a room/flat in FRH take place usually twice a year.

Individuals who would like to apply for the University accommodation and those who wish to extend their accommodation, should submit an application at their department, which would send it to the chosen dorm.

You can also check the offer of student dormitories.

Important documents:

Applications must be printed double-sided.

Other accommodation

There are plenty of possibilities to rent a place in or outside of the city of Warsaw. First thing you have to decide is whether you would like to look for it by yourself or hire a real estate agency. Remember that agencies tend to take an equivalent of monthly rent for their services.

If you, however, are going to look for a place by yourself consider your expectations first, namely:

  • localization – do you prefer quiet uptown area or city centre?
  • cost – how much can you pay for a place?
  • type of flat – tenement house, flat or house?
  • number of rooms
  • furnished or not furnished – unfurnished flats tend to be significantly cheaper than furnished ones

When you know what are you looking for you can start to search. Just type phrase like “flat for rent Warsaw” in your web browser and begin your selection. Once you find a flat, remember to sign a contract with the landlord. Make sure you know all the costs (for example additional costs for electricity or water) and know when and where you should make the payments. Also, check if there is an Internet connection in the flat that you can use. It is also a good idea to ask a Polish speaker to help you with the contract.

If you prefer to search for your own accommodation, bear in mind that most flats are rented for at least one year and most rooms are rented for at least one semester. It would be best to find a person renting his room or flat for a shorter period of time. You can find such offers on Facebook groups about accommodation. You can write your own post there and explain your situation.