Checklist before leaving Poland

Below is a checklist of seven key steps that international employees of the University of Warsaw must complete before leaving Poland.

  • Notify the relevant university department or human resources office about their departure and provide necessary documentation, such as a contract termination notice or confirmation of contract expiration. Additionally, provide your new mailing address and email to the Human Resources Office and the Bursar’s Office to ensure smooth communication regarding any final matters or documentation.
  • Settle any outstanding financial matters with the university, including payment of salary, reimbursement of expenses, or return of any university property or equipment.
  • Return any library books, laboratory equipment, or other university resources borrowed during your employment tenure.
  • Inform the university administration, as well as relevant state institutions such as the Office for Foreigners, of your intention to terminate any residency permits or work visas obtained for employment in Poland. If you have submitted documents for a temporary residence card and have not received one, it is important to also apply for the discontinuation of proceedings to avoid any potential issues or complications.
  • Close or transfer any bank accounts opened during your stay in Poland, ensuring compliance with local banking regulations.
  • Arrange for terminating utility services, rental agreements, or any other contractual obligations related to accommodation in Poland.
  • Familiarise yourself with the procedures for tax clearance and ensure compliance with Polish tax laws before leaving the country. Notably, tax in Poland is typically settled for the previous year by 30 April of the current year. Additionally, individuals may be eligible for a tax refund, which can be deposited into a foreign account. If needed, changing the account for the tax refund can be done online or by sending the ZAP-3 form by post.

We hope that your time at the University of Warsaw was successful and that you will remember it fondly. See you soon!