4 steps to legalise your stay: STEP 1 – Collect your documents

Let’s start with an absolutely basic set of documents:

  • Filled and signed application form – 2 copies generated and printed out from 2 government websites: inPOL and MOS
  • A valid travel document (passport) – 2 copies + original to inspection
  • 4 recent color photographs taken no earlier than 6 months prior to the submission of the temporary residence permit application
  • Confirmation of payment of the stamp duty (340 PLN)

To obtain a residence permit for study purposes, you must also attach the following documents:

  • A confirmation from the university of acceptance for studies or continuation of studies, or a certificate of participation in a training course
  • Transcript of records
  • A proof of payment of the required tuition/course fee, if they are payable
  • Documents confirming having health insurance or coverage by the insurer of the cost of treatment in Poland. Please make sure that your private policy (travel medical insurance) is provided by an insurer on the list of insurers accepted by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Private insurance should cover at least 30,000 euros. The public insurance with ZUS/NFZ is also accepted.
  • An evidence of sufficient funds to cover the costs of living and return travel to the country of origin or residence, and the cost of tuition/training course.
  • Confirmation of residence in Poland (for example a flat rental agreement) with information about utilities expenses (such as electricity, water, waste disposal, heating, and sewage)


All documents drawn up in a foreign language should be submitted together with their translations into Polish made by a sworn translator, so this is an extra cost for you. Then it is better to get as many documents as possible in Polish – e.g. a lease agreement. You can search the sworn translator through the website of the Ministry of Justice.

All documents (certificates/statements) containing dates should be issued no earlier than one month prior to submission to the office.

How to collect all of these documents? It’s easy!

  • If you intend to apply for the residence permit in Warsaw, you have to register your profile and generate application in two government systems:

1) the online portal for foreigners – inPOL

Instruction how to register an account and submit a new application can be found here. Please also check the frequently asked questions – inPOL.

2) the online case management module – MOS

  • If you have a Polish bank account, you can pay the duty stamp before your appointment and print the payment confirmation (in Polish).

Transfer details:
Centrum Obsługi Podatnika
ul. Obozowa 57, 01-161 Warszawa
21 1030 1508 0000 0005 5000 0070

You can also do it in the Department of Foreigners, but then you will have to complete the form that you will get there. The instructions on how to do it is here.

Another possibility of duty stamp payment is through the website of the Department of Foreigners

  • You can get a confirmation of acceptance for studies or continuation of studies at your Faculty’s Office/ Doctoral School.
  • Transcript of records also can be taken from your Faculty’s Office/ Doctoral School.
  • The payment of the required tuition/course fee can be proved by the bank transfer confirmation + statement from the University how much the tuition fee is and how much student has paid so far (with the exact date of payment)
  • Documents that confirm having sufficient funds are:

– certificate of the limit on your credit card issued by the bank which has issued the credit card
– certificate of having funds on an account from a bank based in Poland
– certificate of awarding the scholarship
– certificate of employment and amount of earnings

This means that you must ask for a specific certificate from your bank/ university/ or employer.

Certificates must be issued not earlier than one month before the date of submission of the application for a temporary residence permit.

  • Documents confirming having health insurance or coverage by the insurer of the cost of treatment in Poland (insurance policy/contract with the NFZ). Please note that you must also enclose proof of insurance payment. In the case of private policies paid in cash, the payment information is usually stated on the policy. In case of NFZ insurance it is required to provide confirmation of bank transfer.
  • If you live in a dormitory, ask the administration for confirmation of your residence. If you rent a room / flat, you may provide the Department for Foreigners with a lease agreement or statement of accommodation costs signed by the landlord (PDF PL)


Remember that confirmation of dormitory accommodation/rental agreement must include information about utilities expenses (such as electricity, water, waste disposal, heating, and sewage).

You can find more information about the procedure here.