After Classes

There are a bunch of ways to open yourself up to new experiences and possibilities at the University of Warsaw.

The Volunteer Centre at the University of Warsaw

You’ll never be bored again!

If you want to join a community of people who believe that their potential and energy can help to change their surroundings and other people’s lives, the Volunteer Centre is the place for you.

The volunteers participate in organizing local and international conferences, cultural events connected to UW, as well as leading projects aiming to improve the UW community and its intercultural aspect.

Volunteering is not only sharing, it’s also a great opportunity to develop skills and meet wonderful people.

Students’ Union

UW Students’ Union represents the student body in the University’s authorities and is involved in the decision-making process for various projects, particularly the election of the Rector, scholarship rates, and room prices in dormitories.

The Students’ Union also organizes a lot of various events, workshops, festivals, and student trips, such as Juwenalia, Campus Letni etc.

 Erasmus Student Network, University of Warsaw (ESN UW)

Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.The ESN UW is a member of the pan-European, non-profit student organisation which supports the development of exchange programmes and mobility. The goal of ESN UW is to help all international students in everyday matters and to make their stay at UW as fruitful and as pleasant as possible.

The ESN offers Mentor and tandem programmes and organizes trips, parties, and events for integrating international and local students.

The UW Student Science Movement

Would you like to improve your knowledge in a particular field of study? Check out the wide variety of student societies dealing with different scientific areas.

Arts and Cultural Organisations

Chór Akademicki UW Brak dostępnego opisu zdjęcia.


Interested in culture or artistically talented? You can develop your passion at UW and join a choir, dance group, or theatre. The largest ones are:


As the saying goes, “healthy body, healthy mind”. There is a wide range of sporting activities offered by the Physical Education and Sports Center of the University of Warsaw.

If you would like to practise sport more seriously, you may also contact the Academic Sports Association – the biggest university sports organisation in Poland. It has 40 sections in various disciplines.


Projects in collaboration with Welcome Point UW

Cultural Hot Spot UW

Students’ Union’s Board, Welcome Point and Volunteer Centre of the UW invite you to Miasteczko na styku kultur – Cultural Hot Spot UW!

This is a very special event whose main purpose is to integrate foreign and Polish students. On May 17th 2024 there at the main campus of the UW will take place the 4th edition of this biggest multicultural event at the UW.

Links to the previous years’ editions: Cultural Hot Spot UW 2023 , Cultural Hot Spot UW 2022, Cultural Hot Spot UW 2019.

Make It Visible! Promotion and Communication Project

The project is a collaborative effort between Welcome Point and the Volunteer Centre of UW, aimed to bridge the gap between University events and student awareness. Running from March to May 2021, the project engaged international students in workshops focusing on promotion, communication, and video production.

Goals included understanding student expectations, sharing knowledge, and creating promotional material, culminating in an official video promoting extracurricular activities. Despite the holiday period, participants continued involvement, contributing to the video script and filming sessions, with over 30 students participating overall.

Multicultural Volunteering at UW

The main focus of the Multicultural Volunteering project at UW is the development of multicultural and international potential of the academic community through the exchange of skills and knowledge between people from all over the world.