Work regulations & help

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Work regulations & help

Here you can find Work Regulations for Employees of the University of Warsaw.

If you encounter any problem at the University, there are many units that can help you, for example:

You can read more about anti-mobbing ordinance here.

If you need more information on the help you can get, check:

Please also have a look at the Employment handbook.

Trade unions

There are a couple of trade unions operating at the University of Warsaw, for example:

If you speak Polish, you can learn more here.

OHS training

Before starting working at the University of Warsaw, you have to get an occupational health and security training. The procedure looks like that:

  1. Employee receives an OHS training form from the representative of his/her faculty
  2. The form has to be delivered to the OHS Inspectorate at 8 Oboźna Street, room 1 (Main Campus) and stamped (it has to be done before the first day of employment).
  3. The form should be then delivered to the faculty in which person is employed and, after obtaining the on-job training, he or she can receive a signature confirming completion of OHS training.
  4. Stamped form should be submitted along with other documents to the Office for Human Resources (Guest Lecturers employed within the framework of Integrated Development Programme submit all the documents to the Welcome Point UW).