4 steps to legalise your stay: STEP 2 – Proof of sufficient financial resources

You always ask a lot of questions about financial resources you must have to legalise your stayWe hope that thanks to our instructions you will know how to calculate how much money you need.

First of all, you should have a minimum amount of PLN 776 + rental and utility fees for each month of stay for the period of 15 months of stay or for the whole period of stay in Poland, when his/her stay will be less than 15 months. Important: PLN 776 (single person), PLN 600 (for each family member)

If you are the second/third year student, then you should show PLN 776 + rental and utilities fees per month +3 months from the graduation date which is written at the University statement.

In both cases, you should also have money to cover the cost of your studies.

Additionally, you should have funds to cover the cost of return travel to the country of your origin:

  • PLN 200 if you are from one of Poland’s neighboring states;
  • PLN 500 if you are from other EU country (not neighboring with Poland);
  • PLN 2500 when you arrived from a third country (not belonging to EU);

Check how much money you need by filling in the Excel Sheet: Costs calculations (PDF EN)

If you come from China and you rent a room for 
PLN 900  (including all bills), you must have PLN 1676 for each month of planned stay in Poland + PLN 2500 for a return ticket to your country + money to cover tuition fees for the rest of your studies.

Of course, you can have the equivalent of these amounts in foreign currency. The Office uses the average exchange rate of this currency announced by the National Bank of Poland on the last working day preceding the submission of the application for a temporary residence permit to convert your funds into the Polish currency – check the exchange rate here

How can I confirm my funds?

Documents that can confirm the possibility for a foreigner to obtain financial resources to cover the costs of living in the territory of the Republic of Poland and a return trip to the country of origin are:

  • certificate of the limit on your credit card issued by the bank which has issued the credit card
  • certificate of having funds on an account from a bank based in Poland
  • certificate of awarding the scholarship
  • certificate of employment and amount of earnings

This means that you must ask for a specific certificate from your bank/ university/ or employer.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Certificates must be issued not earlier than one month before the date of submission of the application for a temporary residence permit.

You can find more information about the procedure here.