Visiting Professors – ZIP 2021/2022

Once again, as part of the ZIP Programme, we host well-known and respected scientists from around the world at the University of Warsaw. In the summer semester of the academic year. 2021/2022 classes and lectures will be conducted by:

Adam Tatarynowicz (Faculty of Management)

Professor Adam Tatarynowicz has extensive teaching experience gained at the best universities in Europe and Asia – incl. Singapore Management University (SME). In his work, prof. Tatrynowicz deals with the scientific and practical aspects of important issues in managerial education, using modern teaching methods. The professor regularly publishes in the best journals in the field of organization and management sciences. The classes proposed as part of the ZIP Program focus on developing and managing effective business models in many industries and product markets.

Leonid Shumlyanski (Faculty of Geology)

Dr hab. Leonid Shumlyanski has extensive teaching experience (he currently teaches at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, previously taught in Kiev at Taras Shevchenko University). He developed contacts with scientists and students during visits and research scholarships around the world. Professor Shumlyanski was already a guest at the Faculty of Geology of the University of Warsaw in 2007 and he showed himself from the best side by presenting interesting lectures and easily finding a common language with his colleagues. The proposed course fills the gap in geochemistry classes and is the missing link in education, especially for advanced students with an academic passion.

Alexei Vranich (Faculty of Archeology)

Dr. Alexei Vranich is one of the leading experts in Andean archeology, the ancient city of Tiwanaku, and the Inca Empire. He is also known for the use of modern technologies in the study of the past. Outside of South America, Vranich also has extensive excavation experience in Asia, Europe and North America. He obtained funds to conduct research from many sources, including two large grants from the National Science Foundation for the application of innovative technologies in archeology. He proved to be a great collaborator of scientists from the University of Warsaw during his work in Tiwanaku in Bolivia and Cusco in Peru.

Daniele Stasi (Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization)

Daniele Stasi is an outstanding expert in the issues of nationalism, populism and organized crime in Italy. He is a scholarship holder of The Bednarowski Trust in Aberdeen (2013) and Paisley-Glasgow (2015) in Scotland. The scope of his research interests concerns the history of political doctrines as well as the philosophy of law and politics. This issue will be discussed in relation to political concepts influencing the history of Italian political culture in the twentieth century, which include liberalism, fascism, social democracy, but also social Catholicism. These concepts are related to some legal views concerning, inter alia, the relationship of the individual with the state, and the laws of nature with the established law.

Andriy Danylenko (Faculty of Applied Linguistics)

Professor Andriy Danylenko is a specialist in the field of linguistic contacts in Central and Eastern Europe, very well known in the Slavic community. In his work, he focuses primarily on the development of Slavic languages, using, inter alia, multidimensional analysis, including linguistic typology, Indo-European studies or theory of grammar. Such a broad approach is possible, among others, thanks to the excellent theoretical preparation and experience of working in centers with different research traditions – incl. in Kharkiv, Moscow, Harvard, New York, Sapporo, Vienna, Warsaw and Łódź.