Easter paper lambs – workshop

Easter is getting closer and the University Volunteer Centre invites everyone to participate in a workshop „Mission: Easter lambs”. You will have the opportunity to make Easter paper lambs, which will be delivered to the Warsaw Children’s Hospital.

Don’t worry if you’re not a world-famous visual artist – good intentions and a little time are enough to make children happy.

Who can take part in the workshops?
Basically everyone who is somehow connected with the University of Warsaw – students, PhD students, postgraduates and employees etc.

On Friday, March 16th and Monday, March 19th, from 3:00PM to 6:00PM.
ATTENTION! The number of participants for each day is limited, so don’t wait too long to email us!

In the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw office which is located in the University of Warsaw Library building on Dobra Street 56/66. You will find us on the ground floor of the main avenue, in the background behind the Poster Gallery.

How to get prepared?
1) Choose a date that is convenient for you and book yourself around an hour to make a paper lamb. If you want, let your friends know. Who knows, maybe they’d like to join us.
2) Send an email to the University Volunteer Centre at wolontariat@uw.edu.pl till March 15th at 9:00AM and wait for the confirmation.
*** If you haven’t had the opportunity to work with us yet, complete the volunteer form available here: https://wolontariat.uw.edu.pl/volunteer-form/
3) Come to the office on the day of the workshops and have fun.