Workshop on Stress Management for UW Students

Responding to the needs expressed in a poll on workshop topics…

we invite our long-term students for a super useful psychological workshop on how to manage everyday life pressure.

What is this workshop about?

We are slowly but surely approaching the tipping point of the winter semester, and what lies ahead? Workload, exams and due assignments, and stress associated with them.

That’s why we are pleased to invite you to a full-day workshop on Stress Management on December 5 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

This workshop will help students:

  • to explore what kind of situations are triggering stress for them,
  • how to recognize stress early, what the triggers are and how to reduce stress level;
  • find the tools of self-awareness and organize themselves better;
  • the training includes the elements of confidence boosting, self- and time management.

The language of instruction: English

The workshop time includes a break and a lunch meal (ordered for the participants).

Who can participate?

Stress Management workshop on 5th December (Monday) is financed by the The University’s Integrated Development Programme (ZIP programme)
and so it’s dedicated for long-term students of the University of Warsaw who are:

  • 2nd and 3rd year BA (undergraduate/1-cycle) students,
  • all MA (post-graduate/2-cycle) students,
  • 4th and 5th year long-cycle students.


The registration is open till Monday, 28th November, 10.00 am via the registration link.

Participants are obliged to attend the whole workshop in person – from 9.30 till 4.30, and to fill in a ZIP declaration programme which will be sent to them when the registration is closed.