Admission for Ukraine – available now!

We’re glad to announce that the internet registration system for Ukrainian citizens has just been published. The IRK system presents information about fields of study offered by The University of Warsaw and other higher education institutions located in various districts of the country.

The introduction is provided in Ukrainian language, the next steps are presented in Polish or English.

The candidate is encouraged to:

  • pick the desired level of studies (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral studies etc.);
  • choose a form of studies (full time / part of time)
  • choose a part of Poland (universities in Pomerianian, Silesian, Masovian Voivodship etc.);
  • search through the list of higher education institutions;
  • choose a field of study and find out what the rules for admission are.             Here is a link to the IRK for Ukraine:
  • Important note: The offer of The University of Warsaw will be extended in a few days, as we’re still gathering information from our Faculties and units.