Polish Personal Income Tax Settlement for students and PhD students – online training

We are gladly inviting all the International students and PhD students of the University of Warsaw to join an online training to learn more about  Polish Personal Income Tax Settlement and apply the knowledge you have received in practice.

The purpose of our workshop is:

  • Provide a foundational understanding of taxation principles, definitions, and key terms.
  • Clarify the criteria determining tax residency for students in Poland.
  • Demonstrate the approach to calculating personal income tax specifically from the perspective of students.
  • Outline the obligations of employees, students, PhD students, employers, and tax authorities.
  • Discuss available tax reliefs and optimization strategies, including those tailored for young individuals.
  • Offer practical examples of tax calculations to reinforce learning and application.

Teacher: Marek Żukowski, Faculty of Economic Sciences UW.

Event Details

  • DAY: April 11th, 2024
  • TIME: 3 pm – 5:30 pm CET
  • Online : Zoom platform

The workshop is co-funded by NAWA Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange within the framework of the “Welcome to Poland” programme and is dedicated to all international (non-Polish) students and PhD students.

Accepting our Regulations-Polish Personal Income Tax Settlement-NAWA is a necessary step to participate in the event.

How to apply?

To register please fill in the link

Application deadline: till the end of 3rd April (Wednesday) 2024.