Polish Language Course for international employees of University of Warsaw

The University of Warsaw is offering an unpaid 30-hour Polish language course online for international employees. The course is aimed at learning communication skills that might be useful during working and living in Poland.

3 groups on 3 different proficiency levels are planned, depending on the needs: from A0 to C1. The course is also a unique possibility to network with other international employees and share experiences of living and working in our country.

In this course we offer:

  • free participation
  • 30 hours of Polish language at different levels depending on the needs (A0 – C1)
  • placement test
  • professional and passionate teaching team of Polonicum UW
  • online classes
  • great atmosphere in international environment

Obligations of participants:

  • active participation
  • at least 80% presence


18.10 – 17.12.2021 and own work on the platform

Classes will be held in the afternoons, 2 times a week, for 1,5 hours each. Exact course schedule will be given after setting up the groups.


Online on Kampus – e-learning platform for employees and Zoom.

Who can apply?

The course is intended for international employees of University of Warsaw.

An employee should be understood as a person employed during the period of implementation of the development activity at the University on the basis of a contract of employment or appointment.


Visit the Kampus platform and complete the placement test.

Registration deadline: 22nd September 2021, 23:59 (CET).

Qualification information for the course and a detailed course schedule will be provided by September 29.

For more details please contact Welcome Point staff: welcome@uw.edu.pl


Course implemented under Action II.2.3. “Support of the relocation process of employees from abroad by introducing solutions facilitating involvement of new foreign employee to work at UW and preparation to stay in Poland” of the Excellence Initiative – Research University (IDUB) at the University of Warsaw.