October at Welcome Point

Welcome Point does not slow down in October.

We can still hear the echo from our Welcome Day meetings, that took place last Friday, and now we want to invite you to a bunch of other great events! This month we are organizing:

  • Safety Awareness Workshops – lectures given by a specialist from Public Safety and Crisis Management Department (Public Safety Division, Warsaw Town Hall) that will be conducted both in English and in Polish. At the event you will learn: who can check your ID, where you can legally drink alcohol and smoke in public places, and much more. You will also learn about the difference between crime and delinquency. The event will take place on:
    1. 8th of October on the main campus (registration deadline: 5th of October, 12 noon)
    2. 10th of October on Ochota campus (registration deadline: 8th of October, 12 noon)
    3. 15th of October on the main campus (registration deadline: 12th of October, 12 noon)
    4. 17th of October on Ochota campus (registration deadline: 15th of October, 12 noon)

You can register via this form: meeting in English and meeting in Polish.

  • duty hours for token registrations – will be held on 3rd and 4th of October in the building of Student’s Union near the small courtyard on the main campus (first floor, room 100). Duty hours for Wednesday: 12 noon to 16 pm, and for Thursday: 11 pm to 15 pm.
  • guided tour around the main campus – walk (held both in English and in Polish) around the oldest part of the University will take place on October 11th at 3 pm. In order to take part in it, you just have to register here: tour in English and tour in Polish. We accept applications until 8th of October.

Moreover, we also would like to announce that in October we are organizing Cultural Orientation Workshops for international students in Warsaw. So, be sure to check our website and our Facebook page regularly to find a new content!