Health & insurance

Health insurance

In Poland, there is public and private medical care. If you are working in Poland, you are obliged to have health insurance.

Guest lecturers employed within the framework of the Integrated Development Programme have an employment contract, which means

that their employer will submit them to the insurance and, as a result, they will be able to use free public health care services provided by the NFZ (National Health Fund). This means that every month their employer will pay a contribution to the NFZ on their behalf. Immediate family members of the insured person may also benefit from free medical assistance after proper registration in NFZ.

When you need to see a doctor

If you need to see a doctor, you should register at the clinic (it is best to choose the one which is nearest to your place of residence or work). Make sure that the clinic is financed by NFZ or has an agreement with NFZ; a clinic should have an NFZ sign in front of the entrance.

Remember that only some doctors speak English, so you may not be able to register for the visit the next day. It is useful to take a Polish speaker with you as not all clinic employees speak English.

Private medical care

If you want to use private medical care, you need to sign a contract with private medical care supplier. The fees and terms vary, so it is best to check a couple of companies.

Additional insurance

UW employees may purchase additional group insurance in PZU or PKO (Nordea Polska S.A.) and/or join a private health insurance program, TUW Pocztowy (LUXMED).

Information on additional group insurance and private health insurance can be provided by the Insurance Section of the Human Resources Office.

Human Resources Office
Insurance Section
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warsaw
Kazimierzowski Palace, ground floor, room 1

  • Group employee insurance PPlus
    • health and life insurance available 24/7 all around the world for the University of Warsaw employees and their relatives
    • different options (in Polish only)
    • conditions (in Polish only)
  • Group health insurance TUW Pocztowy (LUXMED)

  • Group life insurance in PKO
    • group life insurance available for the Univeristy of Warsaw employees (with the possibility to benefit from an equity fund from PKO Ubezpieczenia)
    • different options (in Polish only)
  • One-year accident insurance
    • available for employees, doctoral students, and students of the University of Warsaw
    • different options (in Polish only)
    • conditions (in Polish only)

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