Cultural HotSpot 2024 – photo coverage.

On the fourth edition of the event, our amazing volunteers took the UW community on an unforgettable journey across cultures and continents.

On May 17, the space between the Faculty of History and Archaeology transformed into a vibrant tapestry of cultural booths, showcasing the rich traditions and heritage of 15 countries and cultures and regions, along with 12 scientific circles. 
Representatives from Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran, Malaysia, Japan, China, Armenia, Vietnam, and the multicultural region of Transylvania brought their unique flavors, stories, and traditions to life. 

Here’s a glimpse of some incredible attractions we had:

  •  Korean booth featured face painting with national flags.
  •  Japan enticed visitors with a raffle of fantasies.
  •  Ukraine shared the history of traditional embroidered shirts.
  •  Moldova revealed the secrets of wine production and cuisine.
  •   Uzbekistan invited everyone to play “Kim oladi-yo shuginani-yo” and try on a doppa without using their hands.
  • Turkish-style coffee and traditional snacks from Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan were a hit.
  • Playing Mexican bingo, Malaysan colek lidi and batu seremban and Persian backgammon, write your name in Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and more! 
  • Guests could dive into Brazilian comics.
  • You could experience the art of calligraphy, try on traditional clothing, get a henna tattoo, and participate in quizzes with prizes at the Oriental Studies Faculty booths and many, many more.
We want to show our gratitude to the whole community of the University of Warsaw who made this day a colorful celebration of diversity and unity.
Let’s continue to learn from and celebrate each other’s cultures!
Photo credits: Mirosław Kaźmierczak / Biuro Promocji UW.