Why UW? Reason no. 7: support and providing equal opportunities

We really want for our University to be friendly and safe place for everyone. At the UW there are plenty of institutions that deal with problems concerning University itself and its community. For many years we are actively committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to education as well.

Resolving problems


Ombudsman is an academic representative for students and staff related matters. Ombudsman offers assistance and support in various university issues.You can ask for help in any case if you think you have been treated unfairly, you are in conflict and need a mediator or you simply do not know who to go to with your problem.

Equal Opportunity Chief Specialist at UW

Person who performs this function is engaged in anti-discrimination policy, equal treatment and diversity at the University of Warsaw. Anyone who has experienced discrimination or unequal treatment may report the incident directly to the Chief Specialist or to the Rector’s Comittee for Preventing Discrimination.

Centre for Disputes and Conflict Resolution

Promotes amicable conflict resolution, respect for human rights, tolerance and acceptance. You can contact the Centre if you have experienced discrimination, violence or unequal treatment.

E-mail address: mediacje@uw.edu.pl.

Academic Legal Counselling

The Academic Legal Counselling provides free legal aid to students, including persons who have experienced unequal treatment, become victims of harassment, mobbing, or their rights have been violated in any other way.

E-mail address: biuro@akademickaporadniaprawna.pl.

Legal Clinic

Legal Clinic UW is a free of charge Student Legal Aid Center. Legal advice is provided by the group of students at the end of their studies to anyone who needs it and is not able to pay for them. Those students are supervised by professional lawyers.

E-mail address: klinika@wpia.uw.edu.pl.

Office for Persons with Disabilities

The Office provides support for persons whose illness or disability causes difficulties in undertaking and continuing their studies.

Psychiatrist and Psychologist

If you encounter psychological problems you can always contact a specialist. Every student is entitled to have a meeting. The Psychological Counselling Center provides initial diagnosis on the basis of which you can be referred for further consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist (an appointment to the psychiatrist can be made at the Office for Persons with Disabilities).

E-mail address: cpp@psych.uw.edu.pl.

Scholarships and residence halls

During their studies students can apply for:

  • a place in one of UW’s six residence halls
  • Rector’s Scholarship (more than 2000 students receive it every year)
  • special scholarship for persons with disabilities