Why UW? Reason no. 6: better and better conditions of studying

University of Warsaw undertakes various investments which aim is to build and rebuild our didactic facilities. For several years our students can benefit from renewed Auditorium Building on Main Campus, as well as completely new buildings of hard sciences on Ochota Campus. Currently there are 10 investments still under way.

At UW many buildings are constructed in order to improve conditions of studying. Multiannual programme “University of Warsaw 2016–2025” that is being implemented by UW have University’s development in view. Its main aim is to create a space for students and UW’s staff which will enable development of humanities and social sciences. Programme includes construction of new edifices and renewal of already existing structures. Among them there are residence halls, sports facilities, office, science and didactic buildings.

New spaces for students are suppose to spur activity and launch creative potential, favour openness and integration. In the buildings there will be place to work alone and in a group. Besides lecture halls we can expect social and recreational rooms.

In total, over 10 years University will implement 18 investments around Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, and in Służewiec and Ochota district. Project’s budget is almost PLN 1 billion. Future building of Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Faculty of Modern Languages that will be established at Dobra 55 is project’s largest investment.

Multiannual programme’s investments that are being implemented:

  • building at Dobra 55 – 2nd stage
  • building in Ochota Campus (Faculty of Psychology)
  • residence hall in Służewiec district
  • University of Warsaw Library – creation of sports halls in the basement
  • building in the Upper Courtyard (Main Campus)
  • renovation of the former Rectory Building
  • renovation of Kazimierzowski Palace’s attic
  • building at Bednarska 2/4
  • renovation of the building at Bednarska 2/4
  • extension of the residence hall no. 5

Completed investments

Besides multiannual programme other investments are being implemented at the UW as well. Ochota Campus is an excellent example in this area. In last years 3 new buildings were constructed there and now they are serving employees of Faculty of Physics, Centre of New Technologies, and Biological and Chemical Research Centre.

Renovation of Auditorium Building is another example of UW’s investments from recent years. The building is a home to the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies and it contains: multimedia studio, intepreters’ booths, hall for 150 people, cafeteria and plenty of classrooms.

University of Warsaw exists also outside of Warsaw. We can use the European Centre for Geological Eduaction as a good example. ECEG is situated in picturesque environment of Świętokrzyskie Mountains, in a closed quarry. Facility of supports students and researchers from all over the world on a daily basis through providing access to state-of the research technologies.