Why UW? Reason no. 4: Foundation Year

The Foundation Year for secondary school graduates is an intensive programme aimed at improving language skills, as well as preparing candidates wishing to study in English at the University of Warsaw.

The aim of the programme is to enable international students to start degree studies in English in a chosen field of social studies, humanities or science at the University of Warsaw. The entry requirement is possessing English language skills equivalent to at least B1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, assessed on the basis of the B1 certificate or the UW placement test.

This is an intensive programme, involving 4 contact hours per day, 5 days a week. It lasts from 7th of October 2019 to 5th of June 2020.

The Foundation Year lasts 9 months and is divided into two semesters. The first semester focuses on English for academic and specific purposes, as well as basic course of Polish Language. All four language skills are practiced. Moreover, the programme offers social path module thanks to which participants can acquaint themselves with Polish culture, academic life as well as the University facilities and its surrounding.

In the second semester specific degree courses run by field specialists are introduced, if a group of candidates applying for studies in the similar field counts at least 5 persons. If a group is not big enough, a participant can apply for a possibility to attend classes offered for the first year of studies at the chosen faculty.

Participants who successfully complete the Foundation Year and meet the requirements of the faculty shall be admitted to chosen first- or second-cycle studies by the Rector of the University of Warsaw.
Particular faculties may have additional requirements.

Currently there are 17 study programmes offered in English.

Participants who possess Bachelor or Master’s degree and wish to apply for second-cycle studies shall be admitted to the chosen programme on conditions defined by the Faculty (requirements shall be defined in the acceptance letter for the Foundation Year).

Registration deadlines:

Intake Start End
1 3 June 7 July 2019
2 29 July 11 August 2019



FEE: 3100 EUR

Admission will be held through the System of Internet Registration for Candidates.

CONTACT: foundationyear@adm.uw.edu.pl.