Why UW? Reason no. 3: Social and business activity

To study at the University does not mean to resign from your plans about founding a firm or making a contribution to your community. Students of the UW are receiving grants to create an app, they are learning about offers of the first internship or job in the Careers Office, and are preparing integrative events for academic community within the confines of the Projekt Powiśle.

Connecting business with science

UW is a research university that strives to use results of its scientific work in the most practical way possible. It is done (among other things) through a cooperation with business sector. For example: The University Technology Transfer Centre (UTTC UW) mediates between different firms, government organizations, and NGOs and the academic community.

Possible ways of realization of students’ business projects:

  • contest for the thesis having the greatest potential in terms of commercialisation
  • Inkubator UW – has rich offer of workshops and classes dedicated to the subject of establishing your own business activity
  • internship in UTTC UW thanks to which you can introduce yourself to the business world and learn about start-up community
  • activity in one of scientific clubs such us Studenckie Koło Innowacji i Transferu Technologii
  • writing a thesis in cooperation with a firm, public institution or NGO, that will be then used by this unit in its professional activity (so called ‘aplikacyjna praca dyplomowa‘)
  • seminars, expert panels, free of charge training courses within the confines of Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Management
  • Spin-off companies – employees, doctoral students and students of the UW have a chance to create firms which would use results of scientific researches to come up with practical solutions. Up to this moment 16 of such companies have been established
  • DELab UW initiative – this research team focuses mostly on projects connected with the influence of digitization on society and market. They also take part in organization of events for students that are supposed to increase their enterpreneurship and digital competences.

Connecting science with work

Studies is a good time to add a little bit of practical experience to your theoretical knowledge in your professional life. Internships that you might take part in during this time will be a valuable additions to your CV. Frequently they also turn out to be first full-time jobs! Offers of internships for students are regularly presented by all faculties of UW and by Careers Office.

It is also in Careers Office where you can learn how to create a CV and how to prepare to job interviews.

Students for society

University is a place for creative, active and socially aware people. Students who have ideas on how to improve life of local communities can count on help of UW’s units.

The Volunteer Centre of UW is the main one in this regard. Its employes mediate between students that want to help and institutions that need this help. They are cooperating with e.g.: Royal Łazienki Museum, British Council, Municipality Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, social care centers, Children’s University.

Examples of UW students’ volunteer and social activity:

UW students may also participate in ‘Działamy z UW‘ (‘We act with UW’) programme, that helps make their social plans a reality.