Why UW? Reason no. 2: Mobility programmes

Erasmus+ is the most renowned scholarship programme for students in Europe. During the last twenty years 25 000 students, doctoral students and UW’s employees took part in it. What many people forget though is that Erasmus+ offers not only a possibility of studying abroad for a semester or two, students can do their internships there too! UW students can also participate in other scholarship programmes, such as MOST, which enables them spending part of their studies in other Polish cities. 


Students can visit one of twenty eight EU countries, three EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Turkey and North Macedonia. Every person receives a scholarship.

UW students who went to other countries within Erasmus+ programme emphasize that their skils increased:

  • 82% of students who went abroad for studies and 95% of students who went for an internship think that it helped them in coping with difficult or unusual situations
  • 91% of students learned to appreciate qualities of different cultures.

Researches also prove that scholarship holders can count on finding a better and more interesting job:

  • 80% of students declared that their participation in Erasmus+ programme was important for their professional career development
  • 79% – scientific career
  • 91% – in personal life.

Learn more on our International Relations’ website.


MOST is a scholarship programme established in 1999 that allows UW students to visit other Polish universities for a semester or two. Students can apply for courses that are not connected with their field of studies.

Programme is open for:

  • students of 1st cycle who finished second semester of their studies
  • students of uniform Master’s studies who finished second semester of their studies
  • students of 2nd cycle who finished first semester of their studies.

If you want to learn more, contact coordinator of the programme at the UW: Magdalena.Mars@adm.uw.edu.pl.

Other scholarship programmes

Students of UW also partake in Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS), programmes financed by Fulbright Commission and Visegrad Fund, and programmes organized on basis of bilateral agreement and/or government scholarships. Every student interested in those programmes will be adviced by employees of our International Relations Office and faculty mobility coordinators.

Multicultural community

Our University is open for people from every corner of the world. We want to create atractive and friendly envrionment for international students and scholars. Every year we have around 2500 candidates from abroad and among actual students there are 5000 foreigners. Thanks to that Polish students can grow and mature in multicultural community.