Why UW? Reason no. 1: Science projects available already during studies

Sometimes great ideas for innovations come to minds of people who do not even have a title of bachelor yet. University of Warsaw creates friendly environment for them. Hundreds of scientific circles, possibility of taking part in science competition, and cooperation with experienced teams of researchers – that is the way to fulfill ambitions of young students. Following that path will be easier thanks to special grants and scholarships.

Scientific circles

Every Saturday young classics organize so called ‘Noctes Latinae’ during which they train their spoken latin and talk about matters not necessarily connected with science. Arabic aficionados present secrets of Arabic language and art during yearly ‘Orientalia’ event. Financiers are currently working on first ever edition of Warsaw Economic Forum and our geophysicists are taking part in archaeological researches in Romania.

This is just a small sample of areas in which scientific and artistic circles exist at the UW. You want to learn more about them? Contact specific faculty.

Academic circles organize and/or enable (among other things):

  • scientific conferences
  • workshops
  • training courses
  • participation in research projects
  • publishing of your paper.

Our students’ achievements

  • students of Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics (WMIM) and Faculty of Physics are actively contributing to the construction of Martian rovers. Twice they were qualified for the oldest and most prestigious rover competition in the world – University Rover Challange. In last year’s edition they took 8th place out of 35
  • WMIM students won 5 gold medals during international programmers’ competition: ACM-ICPC
  • in 2018 students of Faculty of Economics took 1st place during Rotman European Trading Competition.

Financial support

Best students can count on scholarships and grants: