Scholarships and support for students and researchers from Belarus

Due to the current political situation in Belarus, we have gathered all the possibilities of supporting Belarusians who would like to study or conduct research in Poland.
Below you will find interesting scholarship offers and institutions that offer help to Belarusians in a difficult life situation.


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Free online Polish classes for Belarusians students at UW

Belarusians living in Poland can sign up for free Polish classes provided by the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw together with the Open University of Warsaw. The online course will help participants with acclimatisation and adaptation to their life in Poland.
Kalinowski Scholarship Program
Belarusian citizens who do not have the citizenship of the Republic of Poland and the Pole’s Card, who in the year of enrollment or the preceding year were relegated from universities for political reasons, as well as graduates of the independent Humanities High School named after Jakub Kołas in Minsk.
Scholarship for Eastern Studies Candidates under 30 years of age – graduate MA studies in humanities in their home country (MA or Specialist diploma), with good general orientaition in issues connected with Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia, especially XIX-XX cc. and present problems of the region, after 1991., who have knolwedge of Polish and English enabling understanding of lectures and reading academic literature. here
The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program
Experienced academics who are citizens of Belarus, hold at least a doctoral degree and documented achievements in the form of publications. Also people who have completed the 3rd year of doctoral studies and are preparing a doctoral dissertation and have a documented track record in the form of publications.
Scholarship Program for Young Acadamics Candidates who can already demonstrate certain scientific achievements and /or organizational activity, who through they specialised stay and study at Polish institutions will have the greatest opportunity to apply gained knowledge in their home countries, in both scientific field, and social activities here
The Bielarusian House Belarusian citizens who need support in the legalization of stay, medical care or finding accommodation. here

Polish-Belarusian Support and Integration Center


Belarusians who came and are staying in Poland for political reasons. here