Rector’s Scholarship can be given to a student who obtained high GPA in the preceding year, has significant scientific achievements, artistic achievements or has achievements in sport on the national and/or international level. It also may be granted to first year students, namely – laureates of International Science Olympiad or one of Polish science Olympiads.

For detailed information how to obtain Rector’s Scholarship please click here.

Maintenance grant

International students of the University of Warsaw can apply for maintenance grant if:

  • they study free of charge
  • they meet at least one of the following conditions, they:
    1. have been granted with permanent residence permit
    2. have refugee status
    3. have Polish language certificate at least at C1 level
    4. have Pole’s Card
    5. have a decision stating that the person have a connection the Polish nation
    6. benefit from temporary protection on the territory of Polish Republic
    7. are migrant workers with citizenship of EU member state, Switzerland,  European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member state, or European Economic Area (EEA) member state. This also includes family of such person
    8. have been granted with long-term EU-resident permit on the territory of Poland, or other European country. This also includes family of such person
    9. have been granted with temporary residence permit on the territory of Poland due to one of the following reasons:
      1. performance of work in an occupation requiring high skills
      2. intention of a family member to reunite with a citizen of EU member state, EFTA member state, Switzerland, residing in Poland
    10. are under subsidiary protection on the territory of Poland
    11. are citizens of member states of EU, EFTA, EEA or Switzerland. This also includes family of such person.