Remote language certification exams

In the academic year 2020/2021, foreign language certification examinations, both the written and oral parts, administered at University of warsaw, will be conducted remotely. The same skills as before, that is, in the traditional examination form, will be tested: listening, reading, writing, speaking as well as grammatical-lexical knowledge.

The structure of the examinations will be similar for every one of the levels offered.

  • The written part will involve a task integrating the following three skills: listening, reading and writing. You will be requested to write
    a text, in which you should refer to the information contained in the recording and in the reading comprehension text, both related to the same underlying topic. In the same text you are expected to describe your experiences or express your own opinion connected with the assignment topic.
  • In the oral part, just like before, you will be speaking toan examiner on the basis of the stimulus material offered (a picture or short text). Furthermore, you will be given ten sentences with gaps to be completed with the appropriate grammatical or lexical items. That is a task which up to now has been included in the written part of the examination.

You will find a detailed description of the examination form here

Sample tasks indicating the structure of the examination can be found here (in Polish).

Sample examination sets related to the language examinations held in the winter term will be posted on the website of the University Council for the Certification of Language Proficiency at the beginning of December, 2020.

Towards the end of January 2021, a description of the examination structure for A2 and C2 levels will made public.