All Saints’ Day in Poland

All Saints’ Day it is a day when Poles commemorate deceased family members and friends by going to the cemetery and laying flowers and candles on their graves.

Clock changes in Poland

At night from 27th to 28th of October (Sunday) at 3.00 am all clocks in Poland will be turned backward 1 hour to 2.00 pm.

Anti-Discrimination Workshop

All UW students are invited to participate in an anti-discrimination and anti-violence workshop carried out within the participatory budget of the University of Warsaw

Welcome Point’s pavilion

Tomorrow, Welcome Point pavilion will be opened for the last day this year. We are very happy that we could help you in your first days in Warsaw

Open Day at Masovia Province Office

Mazovia Province Office organizes an Open Day for international students in the Department of Foreigners (3/5 Marszałkowska Street) on October 13th (Saturday) from 10 am to 3 pm.

Cultural Orientation Workshop

Welcome Point UW is organizing the Cultural Orientation Workshop at which international students at the UW will learn more about Poland, city of Warsaw, culture shock experience, communication in multicultural environment, and plenty more.