4EU+ summer courses

4EU+ Alliance has an offer of summer courses dedicated to students of 4EU+ universities.

University Library in July

Good news for every bookworm in town! Our University of Warsaw Library extends its working hours this July. Open Stacks will be available to you from 9 am to 9 pm on working days.

Why UW? Reason no. 5: Languages, sports and culture

UW students can sign up for language courses and choose from 41 different languages to learn! After classes, they can join our sports and artistic organisations: they can play volleyball, surf, sing, dance, recite, go for mountain tour, or sail.

Why UW? Reason no. 4: Foundation Year

The Foundation Year for secondary school graduates is an intensive programme aimed at improving language skills, as well as preparing candidates wishing to study in English at the University of Warsaw.

Why UW? Reason no. 3: Social and business activity

To study at the University does not mean to resign from your plans about founding a firm or making a contribution to your community. Students of the UW have plenty of possibilities to make their plans concerning their local community or their own business a reality.