New doctoral education system

On 1st of October 2018 a new Higher Education and Science Act came into force. It introduces different than up until now approach towards the system of doctoral education. From now on doctoral studies will be organised by institutions called Doctoral Schools. There will be at least four such schools:

  • Doctoral School of Humanities
  • Doctoral School of Social Sciences
  • Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Science
  • Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

First three will accept up to around 100 new students, while Interdisciplinary Doctoral School – 20 students.

This new system offers much more interdisciplinary and research-oriented programme of doctoral studies. PhD students will have much bigger impact on their respective study programmes and will receive a Doctoral scholarship (provided he/she have not been granted with doctoral title yet). With new perspectives come along new obligations, that is why new doctoral students will be subjected to mid-term evaluation of their progress and only after passing it successfully they will be able to continue their studies.

This material comes from PhD Students’ Union at the UW.