Information Saturdays at the Department of Foreigners in Mazowieckie Voivodeship

The Department of Foreigners invites you to participate in information Saturdays. The next meeting is scheduled for 28th November. Due to the epidemiological situation, only persons who booked an appointment at the office will be admitted to the Information Saturday.

The event is open to foreigners who apply for legalization of stay in Poland, as well as for legal employment in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

The events are scheduled for:

  • 28th November 2020
  • 5th December 2020
  • 12th December 2020


Individual consultations

During information Saturdays, you will be able to obtain information on the cases conducted in the Department and take advantage of individual consultations on a specific case.

For consultations scheduled for 5th December you can register through the phone number: (22) 695 66 69.

As part of the information meetings, third-country nationals will have the opportunity to take advantage of legal advice and learn about the legalization of stay, as well as other areas concerning the functioning of foreigners in Poland.


Information hotline

Open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. by calling (22) 695 66 69 – information on legalization of stay.


General consultations and webinars

  • Caritas Polska telephone consultations:

-cultural consultant – by calling 660 424 014

-integration advisor – by calling 603 805 148

  • Foundation for Somalia telephone consultations:

-integration advisor, registration for career counselors and a lawyer – by calling 519 543 919

  • online consultations of the Polish Migration Forum (5.12, 12.12)
  • Linguae Mundi webinar “Certification of Polish as a foreign language”
    Saturday, 28th November 2020, 1:00-2:30 pm.

Link to the webinar: certacja-jezyka-polskiego-jako-obcego.

The webinar will concern the state system of certifying the knowledge of Polish as a foreign language:

-where, when and at what levels can I pass the exam in Polish as a foreign language?
-how to sign up for this exam?
-how much do you have to pay for it?
-what does the exam look like and how to prepare for it?

More information can be found here.