How can I get a confirmation of my insurance?

You may obtain a confirmation of your insurance  (ZUS RCA declaration) from the The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS):

To register and log into ZUS PUE portal, you need to have Profil Zaufany (Trusted Profile) – ePUAP. More info here.

  •  by post office/courier,
  • in person at the ZUS branch.

To apply for a declaration, you should:

  •  submit a hand-written application (by post/courier) for issuing the above mentioned declaration, specifying for what period of time and  purpose you want to obtaint it (e.g. in order to submit to the office in the process of legalization of the stay),
  • complete and sumbit an application for a certificate/information from the insured person’s account – US-7 (form here).

The application should be sent by post, delivered to the ZUS branch inspectorate in the competent district or sumbitted electonically through PUE ZUS portal.

To submit application US-7 through PUE ZUS, please:

  • log in,
  • select panel [Ubezpieczony] > option [Usługi] > [Katalog Usług Elektronicznych],
  • In the filter, enter the phrase “US-7” and click [Przejdź do usługi].

If you indicate an electronic form of response from ZUS, the answer will be found under [Dokumenty i wiadomości] > [Korespondencja z ZUS] > [Skrzynka odbiorcza].

Online appointment

It is possible to book an online appointment to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) branch, which is appropriate for your place of residence.

You can make an online appointment on working days from 9.00-14.30.

In order to book an appointment, please follow the link.

To make an appointment regarding the insurance, choose „Firmy i pracownicy” (Companies and emloyees) from the menu.