Research & Development

Grants and funding:

As a PhD student of the University of Warsaw you will have a lot of opportunities to raise funds for your research, publications and participation at conferences.

First of all, you can apply for the grants from both public and private organizations that provide financial support for PhD students and academic researchers in Poland.

Major institutions that fund research grants:

You can also apply for: 

Besides, every faculty has its own funds for improving research and development.

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Open University Courses

PhD Students from at least second year of the Doctoral School are also allowed to give courses in the Open University Courses program. University of Warsaw allows everyone who is 16 and older to participate in special lectures, seminars and language courses.

If you want to present your research results or any other interesting topic to people from the outside of the University community, you can offer your original programme for every trimester of courses. You just have to attach your tutor’s opinion, the certification of your didactic experience and the declaration of your PhD student status.

For more information on the Open University, please check: