Guest Lecturers


International lecturers invited to teach at the University of Warsaw!

Guest lecturer grants

Your oppurtunity to experience enthusiasm for excellence in Poland’s Phoenix city of Warsaw!

● to enable our students to network with lecturers with teaching and research experience
in diverse academic systems other than our own;
● to enrich our course catalogue with currently unavailable topics and fields;
● to offer courses in a variety of international languages, taught by native speakers;
● to enhance long-term cooperation with global universities sharing our commitment to excellence.


OVERALL PROJECT DURATION: from January 2019 to January 2022;


GROSS MONTHLY GRANT AMOUNT: 25000 PLN or about 5700 euro
(equal to net monthly salary of about 3000 euro after taxation);

STANDARD HEALTH INSURANCE with the National Health Fund (NFZ);

1) 30 teaching hours and 10 office hours for duration of stay up to 3 months;
2) 60 teaching hours and 10 office hours if staying for more than 3 months.
At least one Ph.D. seminar presentation and open lecture also required for any grant duration;

ASSISTANCE from a University of Warsaw researcher at the host department acting as liaison officer (initial orientation, administrative procedures, syllabus development and event organisation);

SELECTION CRITERIA: candidate’s academic profile and teaching proposal quality;

SELECTION PROCEDURE: candidates need to obtain initial acceptance from the prospective University of Warsaw host department, while final decision will be made by the University Rector Council (Rector and Deputy Rectors).

Details soon…

“Guest Lecturers Grants” are organised within the Comprehensive Growth Plan at the University of Warsaw and funded by European Social Fund. The objective, pursuing at the University of Warsaw between 2018-2022, is to develop competence of students and employees as well as implement the instruments which upgrade the management process of the University of Warsaw.