Frequently asked questions regarding the situation at the University of Warsaw in connection with COVID-19, received after 10th March 2020.

The situation is dynamic, decisions are made on a regular basis, according to the changing situation. It is recommended to follow UW and units websites.


Will the academic year be extended? (11th March 2020)

The 2019/2020 academic year lasts until 30th September 2020 and will not be extended. However, the scenario of extending the period of didactic classes is being considered. At the same time, the University is working on launching online lectures and classes suspended until 14th April. By 20th March, faculties and other teaching units will publish a list of lectures and classes that will be conducted in this form from 23th March.


Do the cancelled classes also include those intended for UW employees (PE, training, language classes)? (11th March 2020)

Training and sports activities for UW employees are canceled until 14th April (except for training conducted in individual form).


Does closing the University of Warsaw Library also mean closing faculty libraries? (11th March 2020)

At present, other UW libraries are working normally. Heads of educational units make decisions regarding the functioning of these libraries. We encourage you to follow the websites of individual units in order to read current information on this topic.

UPDATE: (16th March 2020) Most of the libraries at the UW faculties are closed. Please check information on the opening times of libraries on their and faculty websites.


Will resit examinations, individual consultations and thesis defense take place from 11th March to 14th April? (11th March 2020)

Individual (non-group) resit examinations, individual consultations, defense of diploma thesis and diploma exams may take place normally. Open (public) doctoral dissertations should be moved to the second half of April.


If the dean’s offices will not function normally, where and when can the student ID be extended? (11th March 2020)

Dean’s offices work in the usual way, the extension of the ID card is possible.

UPDATE: (12th March 2020)

The announcement published on the website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education says that steps to extend the validity of the student ID cards until May 31 by law are currently being taken.

UPDATE: (16th March 2020) Most of the dean offices are not open for inquiries and administrative staff work remotely. For detailed information on their working arrangements, visit the websites of particular units.


Should part-time students pay monthly fees at a regular price, even though classes do not take place in the second half of March and in the first half of April? (11th March 2020)

Yes, part-time students should pay fees normally.


Is mobility of students and doctoral candidates limited? The announcements mention restrictions on employee mobility. What should a person who had a planned trip to a foreign scholarship do, e.g. as part of the Erasmus + programme in the coming days? (11th March 2020)

The suspension of business trips (business, not private) concerns students, doctoral candidates and employees.

UPDATE: (12th March 2020)

The International Relations Office is in current email contact with Erasmus scholarship holders, i.e.

  • UW students staying abroad, people planning an earlier return from studies or internship, students qualified for trips in 2020/2021;
  • ‘Short-term’ foreign students studying at the University of Warsaw;
  • ESN student organization.

Special messages will be or have already been sent to:

  • employees whose trips were scheduled for March or April,
  • departmental mobility coordinators.

Correspondence is also conducted with partner foreign universities, which are provided information on the current epidemiological situation and decisions taken.


Will faculty libraries charge penalties for failure to return books by 14th April ? Are the loan limits the same as for the University of Warsaw Library (20 books)? (11th March 2020)

In the case of faculty libraries, the same rules apply as University of Warsaw Library (BUW) – no penalties will be charged, deadlines will be extended.


Will the date of the summer examination session be moved due to the cancellation of classes until 14th April? (11th March 2020)

The end date of the academic year will not be moved. The scenario of shifting the period of didactic classes, and thus the exam session, is being considered.


In a case of further danger is it planned to hold classes after 14th April? (11th March 2020)

In this case, you should follow the announcements published on the University of Warsaw homepage.


Will the students / doctoral candidates / employees get a refund of the costs of flights, train tickets, conference fees, apartment rentals, hotel reservations? (11th March 2020)

A statement of the Rector of the University of Warsaw regarding the costs incurred related to participation in events organized outside the University of Warsaw can be found here.


Can classes be resumed before 14th April? (11th March 2020)

Full-time classes have been cancelled until 14th April and will not be resumed earlier. On 20th March, faculties and other teaching units will publish a list of lectures and classes that will be conducted online from 23th March.


In what manner will the classes be conducted online? Will there be video conferences? (11th March 2020)

We are currently working on launching cancelled lectures and classes on-line. Detailed information on this subject will appear on 20th March – then faculties and other teaching units will announce a list of lectures and classes that will be conducted in this form from 23th March. Information about this will be published on the University’s homepage.

Thanks to G Suite for Education it is possible to organise online meetings at the University of Warsaw.

UPDATE: (16th March 2020) The Digital Competence Centre of the University of Warsaw (CKC UW) prepared information regarding the simplification of procedures and instructions on the possibility of conducting online classes, using Kampus, our university e-learning platform. All information was published at

UPDATE: (16th March 2020) Cisco Webex is one of tools suitable for conducting online lectures. Guidance on how to use it is available on YouTube.


Is the UW canteen operating normally or are subscription lunches issued? If not, do students / staff get a refund? (11th March 2020)

UW canteen works without any changes, subscription lunches are issued.

UPDATE: (16th March 2020) The UW canteen is closed until further notice.


Will the UW dormitories function during the cancellation of classes? (11th March 2020)

Dormitories are functioning. UW has only suspended the lodging of new people from 11th March and has introduced a ban on visiting external guests.


Does the Psychological Counselling Centre of The University of Warsaw work normally during the class cancellation? (11th March 2020)

The Psychological Counselling Centre of The University of Warsaw functions during the class cancellation, but the work of this unit has changed. There are currently no walk-in clinic consultations. Instead of them, online consultations  with Szymon Chrząstowski, head of PCC are planned from Monday. Group classes and training sessions have been suspended. For detailed questions, please contact the Psychological Counselling Center directly.


Is it possible to visit the University campus in Krakowskie Przedmieście? (12th March 2020)

The buildings on the campus at Krakowskie Przedmieście are currently not available to visitors. Information on the re-opening of buildings for tourists will be given on the University of Warsaw website.

Is the University of Warsaw’s central administration working?

Heads of offices and central administration units may introduce a duty system, agree to work remotely or introduce flexible / shortened office / unit working hours. In internal communication, it is recommended to use e-mail correspondence and telephone contacts as well as limit direct contacts.

We strongly recommend email or telephone contact.

UPDATE: (16th March 2020) UW administrative staff work remotely. People are asked to contact administrative officers by e-mail.In exceptional cases, the head of the office may agree to allow individuals to come to the office, in line with regulations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

Will decisions regarding the granting of social scholarships and other benefits offered by the University of Warsaw be considered during the cancellation classes? (12th March 2020)

Matters related to scholarships and financial support for students are dealt with by the Office of Student Affairs. Please, contact by phone first.


Does the University of Warsaw Archives work normally? (12th March 2020)

From 12th March to 14th April, the activity of University of Warsaw’s Archives is suspended. The archive continues to carry out scientific and social inquiries, directed by telephone, email and letter.


Will lecturers receive information on the possibilities of conducting online classes, conducting individual exams and consultations?(12th March 2020)

Information on the decisions taken is provided on an ongoing basis to heads of teaching units, i.e. deans of faculties and heads of other educational units. We also recommend that employees follow the University of Warsaw homepage, which regularly publishes and updates messages about the functioning of the University.


Will students who sign up for paid classes, e.g. PE, receive a refund for lost classes? Maybe the classes will be moved to another date? (12th March 2020)

The University will make every effort to ensure that all paid classes are conducted at a later date. If this is not possible, further decisions will be taken.


Will the start date of admission change due to current events? (12th March 2020)

We are currently not planning any action or decision on this matter. If the situation changes, announcements on this topic will be published on the University of Warsaw homepage.


What should a student, who decided to suspend/end their studies abroad, do when coming back to Poland? (12th March 2020)

In this case, the UW International Relations Office (IRO) advises to:

  • Inform your receiving university, UW International Relations Office and your mobility coordinator at the faculty;
  • Ask the mobility coordinator at the receiving university to provide you with a document confirming the duration of your stay at the university abroad;
  • Send a scan of this document to IRO;
  • After your return follows the recommendations and regulations of the Ministry of Health, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and authorities of your faculty at UW. Recommendations concern, e.g. 14-day quarantine which means staying at home and avoid going out in public;
  • Arrange by e-mail with your mobility coordinator the possibility to settle the stage of study (the number of ECTS obtained at a foreign university is important);
  • In case of feeling unwell, fever, cough or difficulty breathing and suspect Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 – please follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Chief Sanitary Inspectorate or local authorities, and seek medical help in the infectious disease ward of the near hospital or contact the National Health Fund hotline +48 800 190 590;
  • Avoid using public transport and direct contact with the others, including the employees of the faculty of the University;
  • Documents need to be sent by post or as a scan; contact by phone or e-mail.


 Will scholarships and maintenance grants be paid according to a schedule while classes are suspended? (13th March 2020)

Scholarships and maintenance grants will be paid following the schedule.


How can I return to Poland after closing the borders as of 15th March? (14th March 2020)

On Sunday (15th March), Poland suspended international air and rail services for citizens. Charter flights will be allowed in therefore those Poles who are abroad can return home. Polish citizens returning from abroad will be placed under a 14-day quarantine. Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened an info line regarding possibilities of crossing borders: +48 22 523 8880.


 Is service staff working as usual (16th March 2020)?

Working arrangements of service staff will be changed. They may work in shifts in view of limited access to university buildings. Due to the closure of lecture halls during class cancellation, cleaning of the rooms at university may not take place as usual. Decisions regarding service employees are made by their direct superiors/head of offices.