Sports at University

As a student of the University of Warsaw you have access to a wide range of sport disciplines offered by the Sports Centre (SWFiS in Polish). If you are an exchange student, you have the option whether or not you would like to take sport classes. However, if you are studying for a degree, sport classes are obligatory and you have to choose a discipline that suits you best. Please learn more about rules and registration as well as available disciplines on the SWFiS website.

You can use the university swimming pool as a regular swimming pool after all classes are finished. You will receive a student discount if you show the staff your student ID.

If you are a student of UW who successfully completed all mandatory PE classes (without loosing any ECTS points) and you still want to participate in them, you can apply for adding more ECTS points. You only need to write an e-mail to during first half of September and describe your situation.

You can also apply for adding you to already existing groups in person at the beginning of October. You only need to visit our Sports Centre (ul. Banacha 2A), but be sure to contact them first in order to learn about office hours.