Registration of address

In Poland there is an obligation, for both Poles and foreigners, to have their address here registered if their stay exceeds 30 days period (for non-EU citizens) or 3 months (for EU citizens). We call it ZAMELDOWANIE.  In order to fulfill that obligation you have to visit district office (pol. urząd dzielnicy) competent for your place of residence with:

EU citizenNon-EU citizen
rental agreementrental agreement
ID from home countrypassport
visa or residence card

At the office you will have to fill in and submit an application form and receive confirmation of your registration.

If you do not have a PESEL number and you are registering your stay for more than 30 days, district office should give you one. Click here in order to learn more about PESEL.

If you are a citizen of a EU Member State, an EFTA country or Switzerland or a family member of such a foreigner – you have 30 days to report a new place of residence (counting from the date of arrival to this place). If you are a citizen of another country – you have 4 days to register.

Below you can find the list of all district offices in Warsaw:

IMPORTANT NOTE: due to the epidemic situation please check if prior appointments of visits by phone or booking online is not required.
Bemowo districtul. Powstańców Śląskich 70
Białołęka districtul. Modlińska 197
Bielany districtul. Stefana Żeromskiego 29
Mokotów districtul. Rakowiecka 25/27
Ochota districtul. Grójecka 17a
Praga-Południe districtul. Grochowska 274
Praga-Północ districtul. Księdza Ignacego Kłopotowskiego 15
Rembertów districtal. gen. Antoniego Chruściela 26
Śródmieście districtul. Nowogrodzka 43
Targówek districtLudwika Kondratowicza 20
Ursus districtplac Czerwca 1976 Roku 1
Ursynów districtal. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 61
Wawer districtul. Żegańska 1
Wesoła districtul. 1 Praskiego Pułku 33
Wilanów districtul. Franciszka Klimczaka 2
Wola districtal. “Solidarności” 90
Włochy districtal. Krakowska 257
Żoliborz districtul. Słowackiego 6/8

Changing your address, deregistration and leaving Poland

When leaving Poland or changing your address you have to notify the office. This will result in the deletion of temporary residence. Check how to do it:

When and where to submit an application?

You ought to do that at latest the last day before leaving you current address. You can do it in the same office that you have registered at the beginning. You’ll need to have a valid document (ID or passport) with yourself.

Please find the form that you should submit in the office:

  • Notification of leaving the territory of the Republic of Poland here
  • Notification of a change of temporary residence here

The application is free of charge.