Student mobility

Student may enjoy the mobility on the territory of the Republic of Poland under certain conditions:

  • the purpose of the stay on the territory of Poland is to continue or complete studies taken up in the territory of another European Union Member State;
  • the foreign national is covered by an EU programme or a multilateral programme including mobility measures or an agreement between at least two higher education institutions providing for intra-EU mobility;
  •  the residence permit or the long-stay visa issued by another Member State of the European Union (*this does not apply to residence permits issued by Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark) held by the foreign national has the annotation “student;” and is valid for the whole period mobility
  •  the period of stay in Poland does not exceed 360 days.

The condition for a foreign national to make use of the student mobility on the territory of Poland is that the Head of the Office for Foreigners receives a notice of intention of the foreign national to benefit from this mobility from the University. The full list of documents: here