Time difference

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Its longitude position is 21° 0’ 0″ E. It is located in the CEST (Central European Time) time zone. Greenwich Mean Time (+2 hours) and daylight-saving time is active (+1 hour). It is worth remembering that twice a year you should change the time – in spring set your clock forward and in autumn back one hour.

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The world clock

Warsaw9 a.m
Bangkok2 p.m. (+5 hours)
Berlin9 a.m.
Buenos Aires4 a.m. (-5 hours)
Helsinki10 a.m. (+1 hour)
Istanbul10 a.m. (+1 hour)
Lisbon8 a.m. (-1 hour)
London8 a.m. (-1 hour)
Lviv10 a.m. (+1 hour)
Madrid9 a.m.
New Delhi12. 30 p.m. (+3.5 hours)
New York3 a.m. (-6 hours)
Sofia10 a.m. (+1 hour)
Tel Aviv10 a.m. (+1 hour)
Tokyo4 p.m. (+7 hours)
Vilnius10 a.m. (+1 hour)