Living costs

In comparison to other European countries, Poland is a relatively affordable place to live and study. The cost of living in Warsaw depends greatly on individual needs and lifestyle, but you can get by with about EUR 400 at your monthly disposal. Average costs of living for a student living in a shared apartment / dormitory range from EUR 350 up to EUR 550. Please remember, that to be able to study in Poland non-EU/EEA students have to possess sufficient means to cover the living costs.

Below are some examples to give an idea of the amounts students spend per month.

  • Rent in a shared flat: from EUR 200
  • Rent in a student residence hall: EUR 80-150
  • Transportation: monthly pass for all means of transport in Warsaw: full fare – EUR 27 (110 PLN), reduced (for students) – EUR 14 euro (55 PLN)
  • Food: EUR 100-150
  • Phone / internet: EUR 20-30
  • Study materials: EUR 30-50
  • Leisure / entertainment: EUR 50-100
  • Lunch in a mid-range restaurant: from EUR 7
  • Coffee in a café: from 2 EUR
  • Theatre ticket: EUR 7-24
  • Cinema ticket: EUR 3-7
  • Museum ticket: EUR 4-7