Health & Insurance


Health insurance system in Poland is based on principles of equal treatment and access to healthcare services. National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia; NFZ) is the institution responsible for public medical services in Poland and it is they who manage public funds for healthcare.

Health insurance is mandatory for all students for the whole duration of their stay in Poland. It is important to remember that each student coming to the University of Warsaw for short-term studies will be asked to show a proof of health insurance upon arrival.

International students and academics are strongly advised to purchase third party liability insurance and accident insurance in their home countries.

Are you the EU citizen?

EU citizens are eligible for free health services in Poland providing that they present a valid European Health Insurance Card.

EU citizens without health insurance in their countries of residence and non-EU citizens can sign a health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) or with one of the private clinics.

Are you a non-EU citizen?

You  can sign the insurance agreement with the National Health Fund and pay monthly contribution to the NFZ.

Do you have the Pole’s CARD (Karta Polaka) or Polish descent confirmed by a Consulate?

If yes, you are entitled to be insured by the University on the Polish Government cost.

In order to be insured, you have to sign a contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) and submit a copy of the contract to the Welfare Section of the Office for Student Affairs along with:

  • the application form (printed, filled in and signed),
  • a copy of the Pole’s Card or certificate of the Polish origin,
  • confirmation of student status (issued bythe students office of the faculty)

If you are a non-EU citizen who have neither the Pole’s Card nor a Polish descent, you are also obliged to have an insurance during the whole duration of your stay in Poland. Otherwise you will be obliged to pay for all health services on your own.

Note that relevant bilateral inter-governmant agreements may influence one’s status in Poland regarding health care issues. For example, citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Russia and Serbia have the right to free medical services in case of emergency.

You can insure yourself either in NFZ or in one of numerous private insurance companies.

How can I get NFZ insurence?

  • Step 1. Get a proof of residence (in Polish: ZAMELDOWANIE)
  • a) Fill in the form from your dormitory (you can find it in the adminstration office of your dormitory). If you are renting a flat you just need the rental agreement and your passport and/or resident card.
  • b) Go to the city hall (the address of your city hall is below) with the documents from 1.a., your passport and/or Residence Permit card. At the City hall you have to complete two applications:

– The form to get a PESEL number

– The form to get your resident confirmation

  • Step 2. Documents which you need:

– your passport with a current visa or residence permit

– the documents from the step 1.

– the confirmation of the student status (issued by the student office of your faculty)

The form can be printed and delivered in person, or sent by post to the branch or the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) inspectorate in the competent district. The cost of the insurance of international students who are not citizens of EU is around 11 EUR (c. 47 PLN).

Useful addresses:

Dormitory no 1 “Muchomorek” => Ochota City Hall at Grójecka 17a, 02-021 Warsaw
Dormitory no 2 “Żwirek” => Ochota City Hall at Grójecka 17a, 02-021 Warsaw
Dormitory no 3 “Kic” => Praga Południe City Hall at Grochowska 274, 03-841 Warsaw
Dormitory no 4 “Zamenhof” => Śródmieście City Hall at Nowogrodzka 43, 00-691 Warsaw
Dormitory no 5 “Smyczkowa” => Mokotów City Hall at ul. Rakowiecka 25/27
02-517 Warsaw
Dormitory no 6 “Radomska” => Ochota City Hall at Grójecka 17a, 02-021 Warsaw

National Health Fund (NFZ)
Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
List of state hospitals (only in Polish)
Detailed information on healthcare in Poland for citizens of EU/EEA member states

Private insurance

Obviously, you can decide to insure yourself privately. But you have to remember that private insurance policies do not provide the same equal access to medical services that you can expect from public coverage.

Limitations of private insurance are set by the policy you decide on. You can choose a cheap one where you have an access only to basic services, such as visit at general practitioner and some specialist doctors. On the other hand, if you decide on more expensive services, they will most probably include more advanced options, e.g.: hospitalisation, operations, giving birth etc.

Also, please, remember that private companies often set so called delay periods, which means that patients have access to certain services only after longer period of paying the insurance contribution (e.g. 60 days).

That is why we strongly recommend that you obtain the public insurance from National Health Fund.

For more info, please, visit this website.