Educational Offer

The candidates for the University of Warsaw are offered a wide choice of programmes in humanities, social and natural science, as well as numerous interdisciplinary programmes which combine knowledge and skills in various fields.

Bachelor’s (1st cycle) and Master’s (2nd cycle) degree programmes

→ 27 programmes in English

→ over 100 programmes in Polish

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Doctoral (3rd cycle) programmes

The University of Warsaw provides over 30 PhD programmes, including interdisciplinary ones and international ones. They are aimed at people who are interested in scientific activity and in conducting researches. However, the PhD programmes are also aimed at people who strive to reach a higher level of their professional career.


Doctoral Schools at the University of Warsaw:


Foundation Year

If the level of your English language is not high enough to be accepted for programmes in English (certificate at B2 level is required), you are advised to take the Foundation Year for secondary school graduates.

This is an intensive programme aimed at improving language skills, as well as preparing candidates wishing to study in English at the University of Warsaw or other Polish universities.

The aim of the programme is to enable international students to start degree studies in English in a chosen field of social studies, humanities or science at Polish universities. The entry requirement is possessing English language skills equivalent to at least B1level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, assessed on the basis of the UW placement test.

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