Academic calendar

Academic calendar 2020/2021



15.10.2020Winter semester begins
06.11.2020Deadline for applying to delete the course allocation from study curriculum
01.12.2020-30.12.20201st round of registration for courses in the summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021
18.01.2021Deadline for resignation from obtaining credit for a course in the winter semester
23.12.2020– 06.01.2021Winter holidays
01.02.2021– 14.02.2021Winter examination session
01.02.2021Language exams
15.02.2021– 21.02.2021 Inter-semester break
22.02.2021 Summer semester begins
01.06.2021Deadline for resignation from obtaining credit for a course in the summer semester
26.02.2021– 07.03.2021 Resit examination session for winter semester
27.02.2021 Language resit exams
01.04.2021– 06.04.2021 Spring holidays
07.05.2021– 08.05.2021
(Juwenalia - Students’ Festival)


Days without classes
1.06.2021– 30.06.20211st round of registration for whole-year and winter semester courses in the academic year 2021/2022Performing allocations of courses that a student is to complete in the winter semester and whole academic year 2021/2022
14.06.2021– 04.07.2021Summer examination session
14.06.2021 Language exams
05.07.2021– 30.09.2021Summer holidays (at least 4 weeks of continuing holidays and traineeships within study programs if required)
30.08.2021- 12.09.2021 Resit examination session for summer semester
30.08.2021Language resit exams

Academic calendar 2021/2022