Additional point of receipt of applications for legalisation of stay

On 2nd November 2020, in the building of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship Office at 3/5 Bankowy Square (entrance G), an additional application reception point for families was opened.

To sign up for an application, please send your application to the e-mail address:

This solution is dedicated to the marriage and the children or the foreigner and the family members who join him. The rules of e-mail registration are given below.


  • In the content of the e-mail you must provide data concerning persons covered by the applications: name and surname of the foreigner, passport number of the foreigner, current residence title (visa issued by Polish authorities, Polish residence card, visa issued by another Schengen State, visa-free travel, illegal stay), date of the foreigner’s legal stay.  In addition, you must provide the names of the foreigner’s family members for whom applications will be submitted, their passport numbers and dates of their legal stay. Additionally, provide your contact telephone number and the name of your attorney.
  • In 3 working days you will receive an e-mail message about your tterm for submitting applications.
  • The order of enrollment is determined by the date of legal residence, which is verified by the employees during the application.
  • We kindly ask you to provide accurate data. Incomplete data make it impossible to register a foreigner. The Office reserves the right to refuse applications from foreigners who have provided false data during the registration. It is not possible to change the person registered.
  • Persons registered in the internet reservation system should arrive at least 10 minutes before the planned visit and approach the indicated place. A delay of more than 5 minutes may result in a rejection of documents in the Office. Persons coming to the Office on scheduled visits do not need to take any additional numbers from the ticket machine, the confirmation of the visit is a printout of the confirmation e-mail.

More information can be found here.