100 years of Poland regaining independence

Exactly 100 years ago, after 123 years of submission to the foreign rule, Poland became an independent country. On November 11, 1918 Commendant of Polish Legions, Józef Piłsudski, was appointed Commander in Chief of Polish forces by the Regency Council. However, political declaration was just a beginning of a long process full of fights, struggles and efforts which only after few more years resulted in full-fledged independency.

It was a unique moment for the whole Polish nation, as for much of the 19 c. it fought unsuccessfully to become free standing entity once more.

First days of freedom were particularly joyous, Jędrzej Moraczewski, first actual prime minister of independent Poland, wrote in his book:

Who have not seen those days, who did not go crazy with joy with the whole nation during this time will never experience the highest joy in his life.

And even though the life of the Second Republic of Poland was short and the country did fall prey to two totalitarian regimes after just 20 years of existence, who knows how Polish nation would look like without this interwar period?

As Poles we certainly would be something less.

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