Student rights and guidelines

Sometimes it happens that you find yourself in a difficult situation and the solution is nowhere to be found. If you are a party in an argument or a conflict with another student or university staff and would like to receive professional help to find the best way to solve your problem, you can contact Ombudsman who will investigate the case and try to work out with you the best solution. To be able to consult the Ombudsman, you will need to appear in person in her office located in the room 1.06C (2nd floor) of the University of Warsaw Library. Learn more about Ombudsman here.

The University’s legal framework is determined by Poland’s Law on Higher Education, which governs the operation of all Polish public and non-public universities. UW’s structure, division of authority, teaching matters and many other aspects are regulated internally by documents including The University of Warsaw Bylaws.

You can find the important documents regulating the University as well as your studies here. In all cases, you can contact your dean’s office or the Office for Student Affairs if you have doubts with regard to the university regulations.