Orientation week

You will receive information about orientation days from your contact person or faculty. Please attend the events and meetings organised for international students to learn more about your first steps at UW, meet new friends and apply for / receive your student ID.

Check out the list below to learn if there are preparatory events for you. For the details, please contact your faculty

Faculty of Artes Liberales 22.9.2017
Faculty of Chemistry 28.09-29.09.2017
Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies 25.09-28.09.2017
Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology
Institute of Philosophy 29.9.2017
Institute of Sociology 28.9.2017
Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies 25.09-26.09.2017
Faculty of History
Institute of Archaeology 29.9.2017
Institute of Art History 29.9.2017
Faculty of Applied Linguistics
Institute of Specialised and Intercultural Communication 27.9.2017
Institute of Russian Studies 28.9.2017
Department of Belarusian Studies 29.9.2017
Faculty of Economic Sciences 25.09.26-09.2017
Faculty of Political Science and International Studies 27.09-28.09.2017
The Institute of Social Policy 27.09 -28.09.2017
Institute of International Relations 28.9.2017
Faculty of Modern Languages
Institute of English Studies 22.9.2017
Department of Italian Studies 28.9.2017
Faculty of Education 25.09-27.09.2017
Faculty of Polish Studies 28.09-29.09.2017
Faculty of Management (short-term students) 27.09-01.10.2017
Centre for Europe 25.9.2017
American Studies Center 29.9.2017
University College of English Language Teacher Education 26.09-27.09.2017